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Healthy Food Delivery Service - Episode 305 - 6/16/2015

Healthy Food Delivery Service
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The Profit Show in Episode 305
 When a brand new episode on CNBC Prime for the Profit Show starts off with "A Florida Health Food Delivery Service has developed a sick corporate culture" you already know Marcus Lemonis will have his hands full turning around the Fuel Food business.

Actually after watching the sneak-peak for Food Fuel with the owner Eric Leander, maybe Marcus might instead want to get his hands up if he wants to protect his way of turning around this business. Would someone really go on National TV and try bullying and intimidate the Host of The Profit Show? We won't find out for sure until this Tuesday night when CNBC airs Episode 305, but according to this video, it looks like that might be the case.

The owner of Fuel Food, Eric Leander, has been in the Health Food Delivery Business over ten years in the State of Florida offering a variety of healthy meals delivered to your door. You can pick and choose the meals you prefer with a minimum of ten pre-packaged healthy meals delivered via FedEx on a continuous basis. Fuel Food has a very impressive list of Athlete's recommending the product on the website, so I'm assuming the product needs very little change during Marcus's "People, Process and Product" Successful Business Strategy. By the looks of the kitchen seen in the video above, Leander spared no expense designing the process cooking and fulfilling orders on an enormous scale.

This only leave's the "People" part of the equation needing fixed for turning Fuel Food into the next "Profit Success Story". As Marcus has said multiple times on The Profit Show, "Changing the process and even the product is not the hard part, but always the "People" that make EVERY Business a Failure or a Success". In this case, however, it looks like Lemonis will be tested to the limits how far people can push him before He pushes back. Always Calm, Cool, and Collective is an excellent description of Marcus Lemonis character, but I seriously don't think you want to piss him off.

Fuel Food Reviews before The Profit Show

Obviously Marcus Lemonis shakes Food Fuel Home Delivery owner Eric Leander's hand and makes a deal on The Profit Show. How far Marcus complete's the changes before learning first-hand how the business is being controlled (for lack of better words) remains to be seen, but probably not long. Looking at a few "current" Food Fuel reviews also has me questioning if they complete the entire deal on The Profit Show.

One review site with a few dozen comments either rated Food Fuel at 5 Stars or 1 Star. I think there's one 2 Star review, but other than that, it was either one of the extremes.  Funny how most of the 5 Star reviews read more like a sales pitch and all of them include a link to Food Fuels website. I'm not going to get into the negative comments, but the process apparently still needs some work.

Watch Fuel Food on The Profit this Tuesday night on CNBC and see if Marcus can control his temper and not trade punches with Eric Leander during the Show. Not that it would matter much in this case, but did you know Marcus is a 4th Degree Martial Artist?

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