The Partner Show

The Partner on CNBC

Marcus Lemonis - The Partner - Premieres February 28, 2017

Marcus Lemonis new Show The Partner on CNBC
Marcus Lemonis needs a new partner to help run his
growing empire from The Profit.
 Marcus Lemonis from The Profit is looking for The Partner to help run his successful multi-million dollar businesses. The Partner is Marcus's new Reality Show similar to Donald Trump's Apprentice Show when it first aired. Ten aspiring entrepreneurs apply for the ultimate job interview to become a partner with Marcus Lemonis. He's already invested over $35 million on The Profit Show in the first 3 Seasons alone, and his new Partner will get an equity stake in all of Lemonis's businesses.

Carrie Chitsey on The Partner

 Carrie Chitsey is applying for The Partner from Austin, Texas. She's the CEO and Founder of two successful mobile app companies, BLK 24 and One Touch Law. Chitsey has over ten years experience in the technology industry and known as a leader amongst her peers. She's not looking to become another employee within Marcus's vast empire, but a partner to take Lemonis into the 21st century.

Billy Canu on The Partner

 Billy Canu is applying for The Partner from San Diego, California. Canu has invested in several small businesses and owns a Marketing Company called Bright House that works with several large Fortune 500 corporations. One of Billy's investments includes a stake in Fox and Jane Salon that's grown to eight locations with $10 million in sales. By all rights, Billy's already a successful entrepreneur with or without becoming Marcus Lemonis's new partner.

Ricardo Martinez on The Partner

 Ricardo Martinez is applying for The Partner from Atlanta, Georgia. Martinez is the founder of the Ad-Hoc Agency specializing in Sports Entertainment for the Latino community. Martinez wants to be Marcus's business partner to help grow this emerging market that'll dominate the USA by 2050.

Chuck Brewer on The Partner

Chuck Brewer enters The Partner with an impressive business resume. Before making a name for himself in the business world, Brewer spent some time in the Marine Corps as a drill instructor. Transitioning his skills from a drill instructor to a successful employer came naturally for Brewer when he bought a new restaurant franchise. After successful five years, Chuck opened up his first restaurant called "Soupremacy" without the help of a partner. But the chance to partner with Marcus Lemonis is one opportunity this Combat Veteran wasn't going to miss.

Michael Graves on The Partner

 Michael Graves is appearing on The Partner Show as a self-described workaholic from New York. Graves has been in business since 2008 when He opened a successful boutique marketing firm called Graves Advisory Group. According to the website, "The Graves Advisory Group provides clients access to corporate, relationships, opportunities, and end-to-end solutions." That certainly sounds like a good partner Marcus Lemonis is looking for, but picking him up when they first meet might not be the best way to start a new business relationship.

Juliana Reed on The Partner 

 Juliana Reed is appearing on The Partner Show from Santa Monica, California. Out of all ten contestants appearing on CNBC's soon-to-be mega hit Reality Show, Reed considers herself the odd duck partner trying to make a deal with Marcus Lemonis. Juliana runs the website that's already helped sponsor over 2000 girls and 240 local chapters. She doesn't have a college business degree but filled with street smarts when it comes to creative business ideas helping keep the not-for-profit doors open.

Peilin Pratt on The Partner Show

 Peilin Pratt is a contestant on The Partner from Manhattan Beach, California. Pratt, an already successful online business owner ( is the first to admit she's not looking for a new business partner. That is, of course, unless it's with Marcus Lemonis and his collection of The Profit Businesses. Peilin's been a huge fan of The Profit since the first Season and credits some of her successful business decisions as a result of the Show.

 Stephanie Sievers on The Partner

Stephanie Sievers appears on The Partner from Shreveport, LA. The self-described "eccentric entrepreneur" is the CEO of ANECA Federal Credit Union with a soft spot for investing in startup businesses. Sievers, just like Marcus Lemonis, loves to take great ideas and turn them into successful (and profitable) businesses with the help of creative financing.

Erin Cobb on The Partner

 Erin Cobb's appearing on The Partner from Seattle, Washington. Cobb, only 29 years old, is the youngest contestant appearing on Marcus Lemonis's new Show to help run his growing empire. Erin's already invested in a variety of successful businesses including hookah lounges, float isolation tanks, a bar-and-grill concept and hot dog stands to name a few. In many ways, Cobb's as diversified as Mr. Lemonis when it comes to the types of profitable businesses he invests in.

Buffie Purselle on The Partner

 Buffie Purselle describes herself as "the black, curvy and fabulous Marcus Lemonis in the marking" and the perfect Partner for his empire. Purselle built her thriving business with a string of tax offices appropriately named "Buffie the Tax Heiress" around the Atlanta, Georgia area. She also runs a personal finance company called "Crawl Before You Ball" with the same amount of enthusiasm. Will She make a good Partner for Marcus with her over-the-top personality? Or will the mostly reserved Lemonis prefer a partner similar to his personality?

Watch The Partner Season Premiere Episode on February 28, 2017, and see who Marcus Lemonis chooses as his new business partner helping run his growing empire from The Profit Show.

Who do you think will make the best business partner helping Marcus Lemonis continue building his empire? And why?