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Custom Made Furniture - Episode 306 - 6/23/2015 

Marcus Lemonis is going back to his old neighborhood in Miami, Florida for the first time on The Profit Show and investing in Grafton Furniture. All the custom made furniture  Grafton produces is 100% Made in America and has for the past 50 years. Steve and Mary Grafton, the owner's who'll meet Lemonis in this Episode 306, have one small little problem with their multi-million dollar business. No it's not the people, they have several employees that's been working there for years. After 50 years in the Custom Furniture Business, there doesn't seem to be any problems with the process either. According to Marcus's success formula, this only leave one thing, the product line needs updating.

 As we already know from The Profit previews before the Update, Marcus makes a deal with the Grafton's for $1.5 million for a percentage stake in Grafton Furniture. He also warns them to "hold on" which should make for an interesting set of negotiations. As usual, Lemonis spends little time putting his investment to work in a new warehouse space on the border of Hialeah for a new expanded product line. It sounds a little expensive for a new unproven product line to expand the business as a whole, but then again, were talking about Marcus Lemonis here. There's not much more to go on before this episode of The Profit airs, but will Update after the Show

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