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 Graphic Design and Installation - Season 3 - Episode 307 - 6/30/2015

The Profit Episode 307
Precise Graphics Crew learning Marcus Lemonis strategy
for success on The Profit Show
 Considering Marcus Lemonis deals with Retail Custom Designs for most of his successful businesses, why not invest in Precise Designs that's a one stop shop from design to installation? Precise Designs is located in Emmaus, PA and co-owned by Brothers Keith and Dean Lyden. The Brother's have what looks to be a very successful business generating several million a year in sales with Precise Graphics business model involving the design, in-house fabrication and final installation.

By looking at Precise Designs Gallery on the site, they can customize any storefront with a unique customized appearance. Very Impressive I must say. But even with an exceptional finished product generating millions in sales every year, the Lyden Brothers are still losing money, fast. They need Marcus Lemonis's help to turn the sub par process around and make Precise Graphix as profitable as it once was.

When you think about all the businesses Lemonis is already scaling around the Country (not to mention future investments on The Profit) He's probably keeping several Graphic Designers, Fabricators and Installers extremely busy. The main problem dealing with multiple companies is the additional time factor coordinating everyone's schedule. What sets Precise Graphix apart from the competition is the fact they do all the Retail Custom Designs, Fabrication and Installations In-House with decades worth of experience.
After the final draft is approved, it's passed on their Fabrication Department working closely with the design team. The installation of the retail space is then installed by an experienced crew also employed by Precise Graphix and closely working with the design and fabrication teams.

The Profit Star already tried investing in ASL Signs in episode 216, but as we all know, Marcus wisely backed out of that deal. Sometimes what seems like a bad deal at the time, is just a stepping stone headed in the ultimate right direction. Now grant it Precise Graphix doesn't specialize in Retail Signs, they do fabricate and install everything else including signs. A One-Stop-Shop for "everything you need" to open a Customized Retail Store Location.

The Precise Graphix Episode of The Profit Show will also be Educational for all Entrepreneurs as Marcus Lemonis goes through the entire process designing a new retail locations appearance and then fabricating "the atmosphere" using a variety of specialized tools. We won't know if Marcus completely completed the deal with Precise Graphix until after The Profit airs this Friday night on CNBC. But if He did, look for Precise Graphix to become one on The Profit Shows Most Successful Companies. Just keeping up with Marcus's Expanding Empire will keep them extremely busy for many, many years.

Is anyone else starting to see "Marcus Lemonis Ultimate Vision for The Profit Show"? It makes perfect sense, along with a "Guaranteed Profit" for all parties involved! That is of course, if you're willing to follow the "People, Process, Product Formula To Success".

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