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Light Up Lip Gloss/ Pure Cosmetics - Episode 308 - 7/7/2015

Light Up Lip Gloss and Pure Cosmetics
The Lano Company Featured on
The Profit Show in Episode 308
 The Lano Company has a unique twist when it comes to the Light-Up Lip Gloss Dispenser. Entrepreneur's Layne and Miranda Coggins, the owners of The Lano Company, will be appearing on The Profit Show in Episode 308, with an established business not financially struggling like some of Marcus Lemonis investments. The obstacle's The Lano Lips Company faces aren't the sales, the Coggin's already generate over $3 million every year before appearing on The Profit.

As far as distribution, an outdated article mentions Lano Lips products was already available in 6000 locations including Specialty Boutiques, Salons, and even Doctors and Dentist's Offices. What is it about Lano Company's Light-up Lip Balm having Marcus Lemonis so interested in this Specialty Lip Gloss Business?

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Light Up Lip Gloss
Marcus has invested in a variety of businesses during The Profit Show with several companies benefiting from each others business. But a Pure Cosmetics Company built around the Lano Lips Light Up Lip Balm, it's hard seeing any connections compared to previous investments.
Except however The Profit potential bringing The Lano Company from a $3 million to over $20 million in annual sales. Now THAT'S lots of motivation and worthy of The Profit Star taking a closer look at the Pure Cosmetics Company.

The previews for this Episode of The Profit for The Lano Company doesn't revile many details, but one key point when Marcus Lemonis seems a little upset. Apparently, Marcus feels like he's getting interviewed for a job at The Lano Company. Considering all the Entrepreneurs on The Profit Show get a hold of Lemonis first, its easy seeing why this approach isn't the best idea for a new potential partnership.

The history how the Lano Company first started as an experiment and grew into a multi-million dollar business within ten years is certainly a motivating success story. If, by some chance, Layne and Miranda don't complete a deal on The Profit, they should try getting on the Shark Tank Show that always loves a good story behind the entrepreneurs. On the other hand, considering the profit potential for the Lano Lip Balm products, this is one opportunity Marcus most likely will invest a lot of money and time into its success.

Watch The Lano Lips Company on The Profit this Tuesday night on CNBC and see if Layne and Miranda Coggin's completes a deal with Marcus Lemonis. 

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