The Profit Season Finale

The Profit Progress Report Update

Season 3 Finale - Episode 309 - 7/14/2015

 It's hard to believe The Profit Show's Finale Episode for Season 3 is already here. With only nine Episodes including two update's of progress reports, only seven businesses had the opportunity working directly with Marcus Lemonis. The ratings for The Profit Show are up season to season, but I still believe this Show has lots more potential and will become even more successful in the future.

Trying to compare the #1 Business Reality Show the Shark Tank with The Profit Show is easy, but in reality, it's two very distinct ways of investing in different types of businesses. The Shark Tanks about promising new inventions and products needing Angel Investors (Sharks) money to grow the company to the next level. While Marcus Lemonis on The Profit targets struggling businesses having the potential to become once again profitable using his "People, Process and Product" Formula.

I'm not sure if there's an appropriate name for Lemonis's style of investing. You can't call him a Shark
because, well, when's the last time you seen a Shark roll-up their sleeves and physically work side-by-side with the employees? I've seen every episode of the Shark Tank and Beyond The Tank (at least twice) and if they do, it's never been documented in any of the Episode Updates. The Sharks put their money, expertise and contacts to work, while Marcus Lemonis puts himself to work, literally. It must be a great feeling for every employee that's gone through this process knowing the "People" part of the business is the most important part of his successful formula.

The Profit Update Businesses in Season 3 Finale

The previews for The Profit Season 3 Finale might give a hint as to why Marcus Lemonis has so few Episode's each Season. His hands on approach being 100% in charge of each business for a full week is practically a full-time job all by itself. The ultimate goal has the people, process and product successfully making a profit when he leaves. But the main problem's keeping the process and momentum going as Marcus moves on to the next venture.

In the Season 3 Finale, we'll see Lemonis return to two businesses that once again need a kick in the you know what to get back on track. One of his Biggest Success Stories from all The Profit Episode's, 1-800-Car-Cash, gets an eviction notice on one of the properties during the CNBC previews. Another successful business, Courage b, looks like a complete mess with inventory laying around everywhere. It's hard to believe Marcus would allow some of this stuff being filmed for the Show, but it is the "Real Reality" when growing multiple businesses on this large of scale.

On a positive note, Peter and Allison Behringer from Sweet Pete's Candy Shop get's a surprise visit from Marcus with some encouraging news. It appears from the previews that Sweet Pete's might be opening up new locations during this episode. The biggest question is, you can reproduce making candy in a new store, but how do you find another passionate candy maker like Pete when it comes to the classes that are always sold out?

Congratulations +Marcus Lemonis on another Successful Season of The Profit Show.